We're henQ

At henQ we get excited by outstanding teams, successful in selling a software product which facilitates the primary processes of other businesses. An initial niche is key: big enough for rapid scaling but small enough to become the worldwide number 1. We will contribute every single bit of our experience, operational excellence and empowerment to make that come true.

henQ ♥ entrepreneurs

A good entrepreneur knows where he is heading. A great entrepreneur knows what to listen to. henQ challenges entrepreneurs and gives them the means to grow. Of course, money is one of them. But, in our experience, that’s probably not the most important one.

henQ’s companies stand out because of their huge growth potential, strong management teams, international ambitions and scalable products. Above all, they stand out because, like us, they have a mind and will of their own.

It’s our ambition to grow our companies to their full potential. And while we’re at it, to enjoy the ride.

What We Offer

henQ’s founders have a considerable experience in both business and investing, and know how to make companies grow. We help you to raise bars and reach targets. We love the adventure of co-creating and each henQ team member will offer their unique and complementary guidance. Our network covers all major software markets in the world and we are happy to introduce you to anyone we know.

International Network
Expertise & Distribution Power
Attract the right people
Set ambitious goals
Apply lean methodology
Maintain focus