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Ready to conquer your market? Eager to accelerate? Proofpoints that you can? If you meet our investment criteria below, we are excited to find out if we could do that together! Share your pitch deck with us at

Investment Criteria
Pitch Deck and Referrals
Pitch Deck Guidelines
  • Scalable Software Product

    Before submitting a plan, please verify that you sell a scalable software product as main revenue source.

    Paying Business Customers

    Please ensure that you have a B2B business model with a number initial paying customers before submitting a plan.

    International Ambitions

    We’re looking for companies that have the ambition to grow into internationally active enterprises.

    Synergy vs. Direct Competition

    We value synergy with our other portfolio companies, so have a look at them too. However, we do not invest in direct competitors.

  • Guidelines

    Make sure you read the Pitch Deck Guidelines on what information henQ is looking for and adapt your deck if necessary.


    Arrange a warm referral from someone the henQ team knows and trusts.

  • Company Purpose

    Define the company / business in one sentence


    Describe the pain of the customer (or the customer’s customer)

    Outline how the customer addresses the issue today


    Demonstrate your companies Value proposition to make the customers life better

    Show where your product physically sits

    Provide use cases

    Why Now?

    Define recent trends that make your solution possible

    Set up the historical evolution of your category

    Market Size

    Identify / profile the customer you deliver to

    Calculate top down AND bottoms up addressable market sizes & growth potential


    List competitors

    List competitive advantages (as your company now vs competition now, or your company in the future vs competition in the future)

    Describe which elements are going to make you succeed to conquer the space


    Product description (functionality, features, architecture, IP)

    Development roadmap

    Business Model

    Revenue model(s)


    Average account size (growth) / lifetime value

    Sales & distribution model

    Customer / Pipeline list

    Metrics showing traction so far


    Founders & Management history/trackrecord/strenghts

    Board of directors/advisors


    Profit & Loss / Budget

    Balance sheet projection

    Cashflow projection

    Cap table (who are shareholders, what percentage do they own)

    Investment deal proposition

    Your vision on Exit candidates / timeframe

    Comparable market transactions / exits

    Do not make a pdf copy of your spreadsheet, we like to follow your formulas and see how you think.