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Customer service software that helps your team to support your customers through email, chat and WhatsApp.

Why on earth don’t small businesses have a great application for customer support at their disposal, whilst the big boys do?

That’s what entrepreneur Floris van der Veen wondered in 2011. At the time, he was working for Livecom, the company he founded in 2003. Livecom is a customer support application used in 27 countries by large enterprises such as Philips, BMW and ABN AMRO .

Floris’ fingers were itching; he was ready for something new, something that would rock the world again. So he started dreaming, brainstorming and sketching with a couple of Livecom team members.

One year after the initial idea, Casengo – devised and developed in Amsterdam – was born. Since its official launch on 12-12-12, Casengo’s simple, yet beautiful cloud application for customer support empowers online retailers and other small businesses to respond to customer questions faster and better than ever.

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About Casengo

We love customers – and supporting them.

Dealing with customers shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be a genuine pleasure. But as a small company with big ambitions, there are so many things you’ve got to get done first. Customer service can’t be your top priority. At 5pm each working day, you might get started on the days’ customer queries – but you might not. That’s what it’s like to run a company with only the smallest of teams.

We know.

Casengo’s story started back in 2003, when Floris and Thijs van der Veen launched Livecom. This customer support application is not hugely different from Casengo, but is aimed at a very different market: large enterprises. Livecom is now being used by Philips, ABN AMRO and BMW, helping them respond to their customers faster and better.

In 2011, Floris and Thijs (two Dutch brothers) started wondering why only the big boys could play. Why should only huge enterprises be handed a tool to help them out with customer support? Don’t small companies need the extra hand much more urgently?

In 2012, Casengo was launched. Its foundations were built with our customers in mind – and our customers’ customers. We still learn from them every day, and with their help, we constantly improve our customer support application. Why? Because at Casengo, we’re perfectionists. We all want to make sure that the application is what our users want it to be.



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